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Zomato’s Top 5 customer-centric initiatives during COVID pandemic

1. Contactless delivery

Ensuring the supply of healthy, hygienic food to our clients is of paramount importance during the lockdown in India. Zomato introduced contactless distribution to confirm this. Customers could prefer to encourage the delivery partner to leave the package outside their house, guaranteeing no contact between humans and humans, thereby reducing any transmission chance.

2. Face masks

Zomato believes that for the sake of everyone, if not for themselves, people should wear masks. In that spirit, Zomato has provided face masks to their distribution partners to keep them and the consumers protected from the spread of an unexpected outbreak. To ensure neighbourhood protection, Zomato actively trained its distribution members on sanitation standards.

3. Grocery delivery

Zomato launched grocery delivery in 80+ cities to assist with necessities. Zomato brought in every effort to make sure it makes fair use of it to support the city. In favor of this move, several government agencies, grocery stores, FMCG enterprises & other start-ups have come forward to collaborate with Zomato.

4. Disabling COD

Zomato disabled the CoD (cash-on-delivery) function temporarily on the app to prevent contacts with its users and delivery partners during the lockdown for safety reasons.

5. Display of Strict restaurant hygiene guidelines

Zomato tried a significant effort to ensure that restaurants meet hygiene requirements and pass that knowledge on to consumers to make an educated decision and also, to make them confident of the food quality and hygiene guidelines by displaying the temperature of the delivery partner.

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