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YouTube announces its own version of TikTok 'YouTube Shorts'

Google-owned YouTube recently launched a short-form video feature called YouTube Shorts. This move comes as a rival to TikTok. The feature will be tested in India, whereby users will be able to create videos of 15 seconds duration or less. The features include multi-segment camera, speed control, timer, and other tools similar to TikTok’s video recording experience. This will be complemented with the large library of songs available on YouTube. The company will be working with music artists, publishers, and labels to make more content available on YouTube Shorts. The feature will be rolled out in India soon. Later, it will be expanded geographically with product improvements.

Driving users to YouTube Shorts won’t be a problem for the company as YouTube already has 265 million active users and 50 million creators in India. In fact, it can emerge as a threat for other TikTok clones. Many rival social media platforms like Instagram and now YouTube are coming up with TikTok-like video platforms to gain an advantage of the instability surrounding TikTok. The M&A deadline of the US operations of TikTok is coming to an end. There are speculations that Oracle has won the bid and will be the new owner of TikTok.

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