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Will YouTube turn into a shopping hub?

According to a study by Bloomberg, YouTube is testing functionality that will allow users to buy items they see in videos directly. It may be one of the enormous improvements

yet on Google's streaming site, making it a bit of Amazon's competitor. According to an article, YouTube recently started requiring creators to tag and monitor the items used in their posts. Then, the data is sent to Google to build up its analytics and shopping tools right on YouTube. The company is also planning to examine this integration with Shopify as well.

While the idea is still in the development process, a YouTube spokesman stated that the company is planning to test such a feature with a few video platforms. Creators often have power over which goods are available for sale as they appear. Nothing is confirmed as to know how much of a cut will be made from those revenues by YouTube. The business currently requires consumers to subscribe to video makers and takes a 30 percent share of it.

In today’s digital era of Amazon, Flip kart, Alibaba, and many other online marketplaces competing for a dominant position, will the launch of YouTube as a marketplace be a game-changer is a big question.

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