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Vevra launches AI-driven movable hospitals to fight COVID-19

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

What is Vevra?

Vevra is an architecture, engineering, and construction company located in Bengaluru. The startup has partnered with Portugal-based IoT (Internet of Things) company, InnoWave group, to effectively treat COVID-19 patients in the state. The measure has been taken to stop coronavirus spread and avoid cross-contamination in hospitals.

The project called Vevra Pods, develops artificial intelligence driven movable hospitals. lt is designed in the form of pods. Such pods will come in five versions General pod, ICU pod, remain pod doctors, operation theater pod, and scanning space pod, according to the reports. Each pod can accommodate between four and five beds. The pods can be easily annexed to hospirals.

What are the features of Vevra Pods?

  • An antechamber airlock room that gives healthcare specialists a space to do back-end work and store medical equipment

  • Air conditioning arrangement to regulate the temperature and humidity

  • Structure for fire resistance, antibacterial barricade, and flooring for chemical safety

  • Oxygen supply arrangement, analyzer according to rules and guidelines

  • In-built oxygen concentration measuring device, provided by ventilators or respiratory systems

  • RO water purifier installed, geyser in the shower room, water storage tank

  • Embedded with a secure evacuation strategy, fire alarm system, extinguisher, and emergency system

  • CCTV and television monitoring program is made available to any patient

  • Advanced call setup for the nurse with a code blue system

Furthermore, the company also cited that after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pods will still remain reusable, with a warranty of 15 to 20 years.

Technology-driven solutions like above are the need of the hour. Tech start-ups will transform the health sectors and make healthcare more accessible and affordable to all.

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