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Shuttl was founded on Feb 19, 2015, by IITians Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya based in Haryana. It is the largest office commute service provider in India. The Shuttl app is based on office shuttle service to make commute reliable, affordable, dignified and specifically to commute safely.The startup raised a total of $35.2 M with annual revenue of estimated $1M. The startup is funded by 12 investors and 5 lead investors viz., Trifecta Capital, Alexa Fund and Amazon are a few names in the list.


Search feature- Explore different possible routes

Navigation- Discreetly monitor your travel route

Tracking- Know where your bus is

Flexibility – Cancel or reschedule at your convenience

Meal services- Availability of food


Pay per use model: pay each time you use it

Retention model: use of referral codes and credits

B2B model:For enterprises

B2C model: For individual workforce

B2B2C model:Enterprises offering service through Shuttl


Name: Shuttl – A clear emphasis of the service

Logo: Bus wearing coolers - It denotes relaxed stress-free travel

Color: Green –Environment friendly

Brand Identity: What the mind says?

  • Sharing economy

  • Shuttle service provider

Brand Image: What the heart says?

Convenient travel with comfort

Stress free mornings

Socialize and Bond

Competitive advantage: Cost leadership and Differentiation

Competitors: ZipGo, Cityflo, and Commut

Sources of competitive advantage:

Financial and Physical resources:Ability to raise funds and procurement land and equipment

Employees: They own and train their employees in-house

Cost leadership:Economies of scale, high capacity utilization and process innovation helps them to dominate the industry as the cheapest service provider.

Differentiation: A brand becomes unique when it shifts its focus from the products/service to the customer experience while using the product/service.

1) Carbon-efficient, space-efficient and cost-effective travel for urban India.

2) Motivates more women to move into the workforce.

3) Feel home with freshly cooked food

4) Cancel and reschedule without penalty

The Future:

The company should consider going public due to raising concerns over fierce competition, the ever-volatile transport costs and stringent government policies on shared economy in the country.

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