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LEAD school, a Mumbai based startup raised $28 million investment from Westbridge capital.

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Durig the pandemic, investments in e-learning and ed-tech are growing at a remarkable pace with Toppr raised $50 million in its series D funding. Byjus and Vedantu already claim to be well funded start ups in this space, and recently LEAD School, a start-up based in Mumbai, was granted the opportunity to raise $28 million of Westbridge capital as “series C” funding along with existing investor Elevar Equity.

LEAD School allows existing private schools to migrate their curriculum to a digital format and helps to track student learning and teacher performance in a single click. As per company sources, the latest round of funding will be used by LEAD to increase its operations in tier 2 and tier3 cities, and to improve some of the e-learning products. As indicated in the letter, it is the 3rd round of its institutional funding since 2017, after Elevar Equity, which is the main shareholder in LEAD School.

The company was founded in 2012 by Sumert Yashpal and Smita Deorah, concentrating mainly on middle school students. From 2017 onwards, they started offering "Integrated School Program" by helping schools digitize their curriculum.

Following a prolonged shutdown, the market for online classes has grown tremendously. LEAD School, which is closely affiliated with 800 + schools, has the advantage of creating e-learning course-ware and offering it to more than 30,000 registered students. Hope this investment will work to build a new vertical for LEAD school by providing e-learning courses along with their current digital integration.

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