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How this 26-year-old raised $2.5 Million with his innovative camera gears?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020


Strategy - Constant product innovation and re-invest on R&D

Jeff Overall, a young entrepreneur at heart, was able to convince all the investors to hold a stake through his effective communication, confidence, and strategy as a direct approach. He claims that they could easily be a $50 million market within five years due to high fixed costs of over a million dollars on R&D for designing and tooling.

The Reason? - Extensive product line

The power pole, the world's first battery integrated selfie stick which charges all day and allows people to capture stick angles of themselves

Power vault, the first of its kind action camera case with a built-in battery dock allowing users the convenience to charge multiple batteries or USB.

Versatile Filter sets for drones allowing pilots to capture the most vibrant cinematic videos possible and also lens protection to prevent damage while crashing

Check out their products here.

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