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Google Maps just added an important feature

With the Covid-19 cases not slowing down, a new feature for Google Maps was announced by tech giant Google on Wednesday.

The new feature of Google Maps will be known as the 'COVID layer,' which will display essential information to users, such as the number of COVID-19 cases in an area. This will allow users to determine whether or not to go to that specific area.

With the pandemic displaying no signs of being contained, Google will carry out the new functionality on Android and iOS in its latest update this week.

How to use the 'COVID layer' feature?

In its blog post, Google said that after opening it and pressing the layers button on the screen's top right corner and clicking on the "COVID-19 info", users will see the details in Google Maps.

For the region of the map you are looking at, this would then display a seven-day average of new COVID cases per 100,000 persons and a mark that shows whether the instances are trending up or down. Google would also add color-coding functionality to help users discern new cases' density in a region.

For all 220 countries and territories sponsored by Google Maps, trending case data is noticeable at the country level, along with state or region, region, and city-level data where available.

In a local region, Google will gather data for the COVID-19 cases from numerous outlets, including Johns Hopkins, the New York Times, and Wikipedia. These sources, along with state and local health departments and hospitals, collect information from international health bodies such as the World healthcare organization, national health ministries.

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