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Facebook set to enter smart wearables market with AR glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban

Every year, the social networking giant Facebook announces its next generation of projects by holding the "Facebook Connect" Conference, this time in virtual mode. Facebook recently unveiled its fascinating project on AR glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban, a brand under Luxottica. Facebook will launch its own version of smart glasses next year.

According to Facebook, its AR glasses will be marketed as a Ray-Ban-branded product. The glasses would not have any integrated display but feature a voice assistant. The glasses will work by pairing them with our smartphones alike previously announced "Snap spectacles" and "Amazon Echo frames".

During the conference, Mark said, "After spending time with Luxottica 's team and visiting their plant, I realized that they were the right partner for us to help bring the best technology together with the best glasses." The move is in a direct competition to Apple Glass and Google glass. Facebook is planning to invent some futuristic fashion technology to help people better connect with friends and family.

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