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Facebook revamps itself by piloting 'Facebook Campus'

Facebook launches Facebook Campus, a space dedicated to college students, in a move to reinvigorate the platform. The student-only online space aims to help connect students with shared interests. The Facebook Campus is currently being launched in the US with thirty universities onboard. This is especially helpful during the pandemic as teaching and meetings have moved online.

Students need to create a Campus profile with their email ID and graduation year to access its features. Rest information is optional. Students can join groups and campus events, get updates from the University, and chat with their classmates. They will have access to Campus directories to find their friends.

The move is an important one in the sense that Facebook has been losing its influence over the younger demographic. Many millennials have shifted to other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook Campus aims to bring back this segment by providing them an exclusive space for private networking. It will Also help the users to avoid spam and focus on much important college-specific news. Some universities have partnered with Facebook to promote Facebook Campus among its students.

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