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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

TOURHQ, a two-sided platform, connects travelers with local guides all around the world. Travel and tourism is the most severely affected industry with its future in complete jeopardy and uncertainty. This has ultimately led to many of the tour operators going on a retreat due to a lack of choices and reliable business models. Nevertheless, TourHQ has adopted a radical yet innovative approach with its delivery of interactive online real-time video conferencing with tour guides: Thanks to the ease in the local lockdown restrictions allowing guides to travel down to tourist spots. Such an initiative offered travelers to stop the guides then and there and have more clarity and flexibility from the comfort of their homes.

Adapting to change has been paramount for the pioneers of online tours, including careful curation of itineraries, internet quality check, and ensure efficient delivery by the guides. Earlier, people used to visit travel information websites like a Trip advisor and MakeMyTrip to assist their travel decisions. In contrast, such online real-time tours offer travelers the possibility to have a unique and engaging experience, which ultimately leads to choosing more effective offline travel decisions, which saves their valuable time and money.

The potential seems huge; however, the challenge seems to be a lack of visibility and the need to educate the people.

Interested to know if they succeed, click here.

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