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Are the revised rules for Apple app store a boon or bane?

Apple recently released a revision of some of its App Store Review Guidelines for the future iOS updates like loosening some limitations on streaming game services, online courses, and when developers must choose its in-app purchasing scheme, which charges a 30 percent commission.

Apple has barred app catalogs inside apps for long. But now it said that it would allow streaming game developers to create such catalog apps. However, still each game is made into its standalone app and uses Apple’s in-app payment system.

Are new rules a boon or bane?

The new rules also let business applications like technical databases bypass Apple's payment system when it comes to selling to companies but still require Apple's payment system for selling to individuals or families. Apple also said that free standalone applications that are connected to a paying service outside the app-such as e-mail or cloud storage services-do, do not need to use its payment platform, "Given there is no purchase inside the app or calls for action outside the app for purchase."

Good news for one- one individual virtual classes

A further modification introduced by Apple is regarding the one-on-one individual virtual classes given via the App Store. Such interactive lessons can now be provided without requiring a payment to Apple. However, for classes taught by one teacher to several students, Apple will still take 30 percent.

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