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Amazon launches Smart stores with smart carts where Alexa guides you the way

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Amazon launches next-gen ‘smart’ stores in the US where Alexa guides you through the grocery store. It opened its first Fresh grocery store last Thursday, in a move to challenge competitors like Walmart and Target. Grocery is one of the largest segments for Amazon. It has increased its capacity to deliver grocery items by about 150% owing to heightened demand.

The new store is designed to provide seamless convenience to its consumers, especially during the pandemic by minimizing risk of transmission. A customer can order items online through the shopping app. This is made possible by using a ‘smart cart’ and eliminating the traditional checkout line. The smart cart is called ‘Amazon Dash cart’. It is linked to the orders on the shopping app, scans groceries through barcodes and QR codes, and acts as a checkout stand too. At the exit, customers are charged through the credit cart linked with their Amazon account Along with this, you have Echo smart displays and Alexa-powered device store guide you throughout the store. Additionally, Amazon smart stores will also have traditional check stands and cashiers for people who do not want to use Dash cart.

Are we gradually moving towards a future where virtual assistants like Alexa will control almost everything we do on a day-to-day basis? The pace at which technology is rapidly changing will probably decide it. Companies these days are experimenting with a slew of technologies we never knew about.

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